Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lily Vasquez--Dallas,Tx

1.Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. I'm a marketing manager. I lived in New Jersey for almost half my life and moved to Dallas a year ago.

2.How long have you been salsa dancing?

I've been dancing all of my life, but professionally and On2 for 13 years.

3.What would you say to those beginning to dance or those interested in learning?

Dancing has become more of a competition than a feeling. It's not about who does the craziest tricks or the most turns, it's about feeling the music and allowing your partner to feel it along with you. If you have to think too hard, you're doing it wrong! Also, try to find your own style, be unique.

4.How would you compare the Salsa/Mambo dancing to other types of dance?

Salsa/Mambo to me is a bit more complex in a sense of technique but at the same time it's very passionate yet sophisticated. Every break, every beat has a story and it shows when two people are in sync dancing it.

5 Tell us one thing many may not know about Lily Vasquez?

I guess that i left the 'salsa scene' years ago to concentrate more on being a singer/songwriter. you can hear my music or find out more in regards to that at

6. What style(s) of dance are your favorite?

I love chacha as well as 80s salsa. On2 is by far my style of choice.

7. Are there any pet peeves we should know about before meeting you,lol?

hmm, in relations to dancing? I guess that no girl likes to have her arm twisted to the point it hurts! A man's job is to make his partner look good, if she looks like she's dying, you failed. lol

as far as anything in particular? I dont like rude people, no one is better than anyone else, yes, that includes people in the scene lol

8. What does Salsa mean to you?

Salsa is passion. Salsa is a combination of a beat, rhythm, lyrics, dance, a partner, all working together to make you forget about anything that is going on and take you on a feel good trip. It's my theraphy honestly.

9. How has your life changed since you began your journey into Salsa?

Salsa has given me many opportunities such as traveling, meeting new people, learning other cultures as well as learning about myself. It taught me discipline, teamwork and gave me the inner strenght to pursue my dreams. I am very thankful for all the endless nights, restless days, sweat and tears i experienced during my salsa years. I would do it all over again!

10. Where are your favorite places to dance in Dallas/Ft.Worth?

I really dont have a favorite place. In the Dallas/Ft. Worth scene it's all about the people who show up and I seem to run into the same people every where i go and i meet a few new ones each time, which is pretty cool! It is very different than New York but the scene here is a lot closer for sure, which gives it that much more meaning. It reminds me of my early Salsa days :)

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